4 Quilt Tucks

Set 1

4 vintage quilt pillow tucks
6 1/2" x 3 1/2"
6 1/2" x 3"
4 1/2" x 4"
4 1/2" x 2 1/2"

$18.00 includes shipping

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4 Quilt Tucks 
Set 2

4 vintage quilt pillow tucks
5" x 4"
6 1/2" x 3"
6" x 2 1/2"
4" x 2 1/2"

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Cross Stitch Photo Albumn

This one of a kind creation is a cross stitch sampler photo album. 
The front is a sampler, cross stitched in 3 shades of blue on an oatmeal 16 ct. Aida.
When opened, there's a primitive pocket with a cross stitch bird and a couple of old blue/white buttons sewn on. The top of the pocket is is edged with a piece of the lovely Civil War repo fabric that completes this piece on the inside and back. Inside the pocket is a vintage 1800's little girl picture mounted on a piece of Metal to give it the tintype feel.
I've also made a little needle book with aged osnaburg pages and a few pins to get ya started.
On the right are 4 double sided pages of vintage 1800's little girls and their dolls, printed on fabric and sewn to the book. 8 pictures on fabric + 1 on metal!
This is for the sampler book only, not scissors and props.
This is a Barefoot Primitives original, with some pieces of the cross stitch by Nancy Woodson and Maryse.

SOLD Thank You Kindly!

#161  Rusty Nails 

From a 100+ year old barn, I'm offering these great old square head rusty nails for your crafting or collecting.

These are 2 1/2" long, and hand selected to be as straight as possible.


$1.00 set of four

Please email with quantity needed and zip code for actual postage please.


3 Wool hearts done in crazy quilt fashion with seed beads, vintage buttons and fancy stitchin. Great for bowl fillers or hang from the perle cotton hangers. They measure about 4 1/2" across at the widest part and about 4" long.
Thank You Kindly!




Set of 3 wood blocks, painted and distressed. Six vintage pictures of Civil War era photos, one of which is all Abraham Lincoln. A total of 18 different pictures! Each block measures about 2"x2".
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#474  Black Work cross stitch Hearts 

These two adorable hearts have folksy blackwork designs reminiscent of the early 1800's period. They measure about 8 1/2"long x 6 1/2" at the widest part. Black and white striped bakers twine is sewn on for hangers or you can tuck them in an olde cupboard or nook. They are lightly aged and are a Barefoot design.
$26.00 + shipping

Thank You Kindly 

#366  Cross Stitch Needful Box Bunnies 

Attached to the heart shaped - painted 'n crackled mache' box is a cross stitch piece that took me weeks to finish! It too, is in a heart shape with tons of detail and two bunnies and carrots on top.  Tucked inside the box are some sewing needfuls to get you started....

* A small fabric covered box filled with old white buttons

* Home made needle book with aged osnaburg pages and pins inside

* 2 old wooden clothespins and a rusty 'ol key tied with a scrappy piece of red fabric

* 3 vintage milk bottle caps

* Home made cloth tape measure

* Heart shaped pin keep, with pins, made from vintage doilies 

* And a dresser pin cushion, red fabric covered with vintage doily and several pins tucked in

The box measures about 8"x8" x3"high
Thank You Kindly

#489  Lavender Box Seed Packets

This paper mache' box has been painted black inside and out and aged. Tucked inside are 12 vintage seed packet pictures printed on sticker paper. The side has a key ribbon attached. The top of the box has a cross stitch design, rusty safety pins 'n bells, and secured to the box. Box measures 6x6x3".

Thank You Kindly

#467  Chocolate Chip Cookie 

The yummy chocolate chip cookie recipe is printed on fabric and primly stitched on green/cream homespun. There's a grapevine stem tied with jute to hang. Material measures about 14x13".

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#468  Sugar Cookie 

The yummy sugar cookie recipe is printed on fabric and primly stitched on blue/cream homespun. There's a grapevine stem tied with jute to hang. Material measures about 13x15".

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This star shaped mache box is about 6 1/2" wide.
It's been aged 'n crackled and painted on the inside as well.
Tucked inside is a set of 4 wool coasters.
The black is doubled and each has another wool star blanket stitched on, in gold, green, blue and gray.  The stitchin' is done in black and cream perle cotton. You can use them to sit that hot cup of cocoa on or even a tea light as shown, (not included).