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Primitive Reindeer Family Pattern

This prim reindeer family consists of papa, mama and
youngun's. They stand 10 1/2", 9 1/2" and 8" high and are
8", 7" and 6" long. Sizes not including antlers.
They have grapevine stick legs, grubby and waxed bodies and everyone but mama has grapevine antlers.
( I did read that female reindeer do have antlers at certain times of the year, but I left this lady without). Each one has a wool saddle to embellish how you like and instructions for halter/bridle. 



Sadie 'n Jinx Pattern 

These adorable felines are fun and easy to create! Sadie is about 10 1/2" tall and Jinx is about 7" tall, not counting the ears.



Jordan Bunny Pattern 
  This little hopper stands about 14" high, has string jointed arms, needle sculpting and painting and a wool tail.


Lydia Ladybug Pattern 
Lydia is a dainty little ladybug with string jointed arms and legs; her nose, fingers and wings are needle sculpted. Lydia is created to sit and his about 6" from her bottom to the top of her head.


Bella Butterfly Pattern

Bella is a dainty little thing with string jointed arms and legs; her nose, fingers and wings are needle sculpted. Bella is created to sit and is about 7" from the bottom of her wings to the top.


Bernice Bumble Bee Pattern 
  Bernice is a dainty little thing with string jointed arms and legs; her nose, fingers and wings are needle sculpted. Bernice is created to sit and his about 6 1/2" from her bottom to top of head.


  Folky Cats Ornies Pattern 

   These adorable folky cat ornies are about 7" long with sculpted facial features. Great for your year round prim tree and gifts for friends!


Bald Eagle Pattern 
This great eagle pattern is easy to assemble and measures about 8 inches high when finished. He can stand all by his little self on wire feet or you can bend them and set him on a stick or some other prop!


  Primitive Horse Pattern 
  Here's an adorable primitive horse that will fit among your prims very nicely! His body is about 10" long by 6" high, not counting the stick legs.


HARVEY Folky Bunny Shelf Sitter 'n Carrots Pattern 
  Harvey has a sly look about him like he's on the lookout for carrot snatchers! He is heavily aged for an olde thyme look. His eyelids are separate pieces; eyes are drawn; needle sculpted nose; and long 'ol whiskers! Harvey's ears are wired and posable.

This folky dude is about 11" high to the top of his head and about 19" high when his ears stand straight up. He's about 6" wide from shoulder to shoulder. This cool little shelf sitter is partially rag stuffed so he sits nicely on his own!

The pattern is for Harvey, his jacket and carrots with prim tips 'n tricks included!


  Mr. Buster Green Jeans Bunny Rabbit Pattern
  Buster is about 19" tall to the top of his head, and about 26" tall if his wired and poseable ears are sticking straight up. He stands nicely all by his little self! He comes with his basket of carrots and cabbages, his favorite veggies, plus a needle felted sunflower!
This pattern is for Buster, carrots, cabbage, sunflower and basket!


  Black Cat Makedo Nodder Pattern 

  What a great pattern for your fall, Halloween or any time of year decorating! Just change the colors of his hat and collar and you're good to go! This piece measures about 16 1/2" high to the tip of his hat.



Ezra Elephant Pattern 

  Ezra is simple little guy to sew up and assemble! He measures about 8 1/2" long by 7 1/2" tall. Fix him up to pull a cart, dress him up for holidays or keep him plain 'n prim!


Hobby Horse Ornies Pattern 

  Now you can make your own little hobby horse ornies with this pattern! Great for gifts, attach to holiday packages, hang on your tree or sell. Make from felt or any material of choice. They measure about 6" long.


Mouse Pokes Pattern 
  These adorable little mouse pokes are so fun and easy to create! Stick them in punkin's... floral arrangements... have them peeking out of old coffee pots... use with your make do's... or as ornies.... the sky is the limit! They are about 4" long. (pumpkin pattern not included, this is just for the mouse pokes)


Plover Shorebirds Starfish SandDollar Pattern
  You get 3 different shapes of shorebirds along with starfish and sand dollar instructions! The birds are 12"-13" high by 11"-12" long. They have separate gussets, but may also be made without them. Starfish measure about 5"x5" and the Sand Dollars are about 4"x4".


Abbie 'n Cuff Bunnies Pattern 

Abbie 'n Cuff are the most adorable prim 'n folky bunny shelf sitters. Abbie is about 13" high. Cuff is about 11 1/2" tall.


Primitive Doves Pattern 

These 'lil darlin's can be used to mount on bobbins, rusty springs or even boxes! They measure about 11" long, have separate wings, needle sculpting and an awesome crackle and chippy paint look!


Bird Make Do Pattern 
  Prim 'n plump, this gusseted birdie will fit nicely on 'ol wood bobbins, oil cans, candle sticks, anything with a stem... or leave 'er whole and have them sitting around in cupboards or cabinets. Your birds will measure about 10” long from beak to tail.


Jinny and Jem Pattern 

  Jinny is about 9 1/2" high and Jem 6 1/2", to the top of their heads, not counting ears. Pattern is for both bunnies, clothing and parasol. 


 Primitive Bugs Pattern

Try these easy to sew primitive bugs for your next project! Pattern includes: Bee, Beeskep, Butterfly, Inchworm and Ladybug!



Duck Goose Ornies Bowl Fillers Pattern 

This is a very versatile pattern and I’ll give you all kinds of tips and ideas to finish your little flock in different ways! I've done these with a crackle look. Depending on the colors you use, they can be little ducks or little geese! You can make them as ornies or bowl fillers, add them to a piece of wood and make a pull toy!
The large birdies measure about
6" long by 6"-6 1/2" high.
The little guys are about 3 1/2" long by 3". You get FIVE different birdie shapes... mouths open, closed, even looking behind!


Eagle Ornies Pattern 
  These adorable eagle ornies are easy to make and great for your ornie tree, or to resell.
They measure about 9 1/2" wide by 8" long. Comes with a sheet of little patriotic flag images to print out and sew on their tummies!



Prim Bunny Pattern 

  Here's a prim bunny that can be used for Easter or any time of year! He measures 18" tall, with wired ears, the option for buttons to make him look like an olde toy, and needle sculpted paws.


Jumpin' Bunny Ornies Pattern 
These adorable primitive jumpin' bunnies are sew easy to create. You can make chocolate bunnies, or any material of choice! They can be make as bowl fillers or add a hanger to display on your prim little tree or cupboard.

Bunnies are about 8" long from nose to back leg, and you'll get two patterns, one for the single ear and one for the divided stitched ear.

 Complete step-by-step instructions, and as always, plenty of color pictures to help you complete your critters.


Bunny Rabbit Nickles Pattern 
Nickles is made from soft fleece and sits about 12" to the top of his wired ears. Easy to create and assemble!


Oliver Bunny Pattern 

  Oliver has large blue eyes and a basket of carrots. Easy to create and fun to do! He stands about 6 1/2" high.
Pattern is for Oliver, his basket and carrots.


  Avery Bunny Rabbit Pattern 

Avery is a soft fleece bunny with bendable ears, needle sculpted paws and face. Laid out, Avery is about 14" long. 


Birds of a Feather Pattern 
  Versatile bird pattern to make nodders, make do's, pin keeps, or even ornies! The large bird is about 10" long and has a gusset. The pin cushion bird is about 6" long with the cushion measuring about 5" across.



  The bunny will be about 9” long, chicks 8-10” long,
and eggs 3” long. There are 3 different shaped patterns for chicks with separate stitched on wings