Fall Patterns

All of my patterns are designed by me. Please respect my copyright by not copying, trading, sharing, selling or forwarding my work through email or otherwise. Mass producing, photocopying, sharing my patterns, selling the product or pattern wholesale, (unless authorized by me), are prohibited. My patterns are for personal use or small profit. You may finish my patterns any way you choose and sell the finished product at craft shows, auctions and web sites. Please give credit to me, Barefoot Primitives, when selling finished product. Barefoot Primitives can not be responsible for human error or individual workmanship.



Cat Halloween Make Do Pattern

This make do is made of wool, however, use what you have, wool, flannel, felt, any fabric of choice.
There are 6 different cat silhouettes surrounding the pumpkin.
The backing is black and the kitties are cut out of each orange segment for a window pane look.
Mount on an old wood bobbin or candlestick
 It stands about 15" tall and the punkin' is about 24" around.
Great piece to display all Fall and of course
 during Halloween!



Alphabet Bones Pattern 

This was such a fun pattern to create and will be just a fun for you to make! You can make every letter of the alphabet, plus the little skeleton head and spider! Spell out HALLOWEEN, GHOST, anything you choose!
Pattern is for the alphabet, spider, and skeleton head



 Pumpkin Lite Pattern
  This primitive pumpkin lite is made of muslin and stands about 12" high to the top of his stem. Can be used with a country candle lamp or battery tea lights.



Halloween Smalls Doll Ornie Pattern 

Here's a set of 5 adorable little dolls plus 2 sizes of bones. The dolls are about 5" long.



Halloween Jinglers Pattern 

  What fun additions to your Fall/Halloween decorating... Halloween Jinglers! Pattern will show how to create the Cat, Ghost, Pumpkin, Scarecrow and Witch. Above their fabric collars they have rusty bells encircling their necks.

Heads measure about 6"x5" ** Height varies by bobbin size



 Hal Punkin Nodder Pattern 

  Hal has needle sculpted features, printed signs and loads of sassy personality! He's made to mount on a rusty 'ol bedspring. He stands about 14" to the tip of his pointy hat.



 Lucy Boo, Tinker and 'Lil Boo Pattern 

  Lucy and her friends will delight you through the fall season! Lucy is about 22" long, Tinker is 9" tall and 'Lil Boo ornie is about 5" to the tip of his pointy hat.


Candy Corn Cornelius Doll Pattern 

   Cornelius the Candy Corn dude is a whimsical, fun little guy! He's made of muslin, is three dimensional, and his nose and eyelids are separate. He's about 9" tall by 11" across his bottom.
 The pattern is for Cornelius and his cone.



Gilbert Turkey Corn Pumpkins Pattern 
 Gilbert is a laid back 'ol tom and sits nicely all by his little self. He's surrounded by punkin's and prim corn.
The corn is about 6" long and has sheep wool "silk". The pumpkins are about 4" across by 3" tall, not counting the grapevine stems.
'Ol Gilbert sits about 12" high and his back tail feathers are about 12" across. His big 'ol tail is sculpted, as well as his wings.



Simon Punkin' Man Pattern 
  I'd like to introduce you to Simon.
Simon is a jolly tall feller at about 2 feet high.
The pattern is for Simon, his crow, shoes, eyes, etc., and how to embellish him and grubby him.


  Pilgrim Hat Ornies pattern 

These adorable little pilgrim hat ornies are about 3" high and so easy to assemble.

 Maxwell Nodder Pattern 

Here's a Fall / Halloween treat that won't scare the dickens outta ya!
This sassy punkin' nodder is full of charm. Maxwell has a sweet, but sly little look about him. He stands about 19".



Myra Pumpkin gal Candy Corn Pattern 

Myra is ready for fall and Halloween and can hold  her prim candy corn with wired arms! She wears a wool jacket, grapevine stick at her head and adorable prim sculpted features and outfit with skirt, slip and bloomers. Myra is about 13" tall. She will sit or hang.



Jasper and Pax Pattern 
Jasper and Pax are a couple of whimsical primitive punkin' dudes full of personality and orneriness! Jasper stands about 19" high and Pax is about 13"... only cause he lost his head!



Eleanor and Bitty Owl Pattern 

  Eleanor is a very prim punkin stump doll, standing about 10" high to the top of her grapevine stem. Her little friend, Bitty, is a 3" tall owl with wire feet.



Ollie punpkin man Pattern

 Ollie stands about 12" high and has rusty nails for nose and stem. He's adorned in a fun outfit.



   Candy Corn Swag Pattern 

The swag is about 50" long (using 6 corns). Each candy corn body is about 5"x5"x5" not counting the arms. Arms are sewn together to make a chain.