Doll Patterns

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Primitive Sisters Prairie Dolls Pattern

Adorable faceless Primitive Sisters pattern that you can use scraps to create! They measure 10", 8" and 6" long. 




Phoebe and Isabel Pattern

Phoebe and her bestest dolly friend Isabel, are dressed in their most patriotic finest! Sculpted features, wool hair and wonderful dress patterns for both of these cuties! Phoebe is about 22" high and Isabel is about 12"




Bethany Angel Make Do Pattern

Bethany is a sweet faced primitive angel with sculpted wings and facial features, and holding her Believe heart. She stands about 13" high.



 Rebecca - Bag Doll Pattern

Rebecca can be made prim 'n grubby or nice 'n neat. She's about 24" long. She looks great with or without her bonnet!  Pattern is for doll, dress and bonnet, but not lace collar.



Sophia Angel Doll Pattern

Sophia is a darling little angel doll with detachable wings. She is about 19" long with sculpted facial features, hands and wings!



Emelia and her Dolly Pattern

Emelia is about 16" long and rag stuffed for an olde thyme early feel. Her sweet prim little dolly is a tiny 5". Would make awesome olde cupboard dolls for your prim decorating! 


Esannah, Dibble, Solomon  Pattern

Esannah and her two little friends Dibble (the frog) and Solomon (the wise 'ol owl). Esannah has a dimpled expression that seems to say, "Just look at these two chuckle heads I have to put up with!"
Esannah is a bobbin mounted make do standing about 19" high and her friends about 5". 


Winnie and Salem Pattern

Winnie and Salem the owl are adorably primsical on their paper mache' box. Winnie is about 13" tall. Pattern includes Winnie and her outfit, even her dowel legs, Salem, and broom. She has needle sculpted nose and wired fingers/arms. 



Molly's Mending Sewing Doll Pattern

Little Molly is such a sweet little Civil War sewing helper. She is made of aged muslin, weighted, and stands nicely all by her little self! She stands about 10" high. Pattern is for Molly, her bonnet, skirt, bodice, jacket and mending bag... and how to set up her thread/spool holder.




Prairie Simples and Critters Pattern

A very versatile pattern to make stump dolls, angels, sitter pin keep and full length dolls with arms and legs, and all of their outfits and 2 kinds of bonnets. The pattern also includes a pig, owl, cat and bunny! 
 Stump & Angel Dolls will stand about 7” high
Leg Dolls about 12” long
Bunny 9 1/2” long * Owl 3” high
Cat 4x3 1/2” * Pig 5”x3”


  Abraham Lincoln Make do Pattern

Abe is about 19" tall. He is mounted on an old wood cone bobbin and I simply love how he turned out! His facial features are sculpted and penciled, and his fingers are also needle sculpted. 




George Washington Make Do Pattern

George is about 17" tall without his hat, and around 19" tall with it on. He is mounted on an old wood cone bobbin and I simply love how he turned out! His facial features are sculpted and penciled, and his fingers are also needle sculpted.


Ben Franklin Make Do Pattern

Ben is about 17" tall without his hat, and around 19" tall with it on. He is mounted on an old wood cone bobbin and I simply love how he turned out! His facial features are sculpted and penciled, and his fingers are also needle sculpted.



Eudora 'n Griggs Pattern

Eudora is a 24" round head doll with needle sculpted facial features and fingers. She has little dimples at the corners of her mouth, and she bends at the elbows and knees to pose. Her shoes are painted as olde thyme high button shoes.  Griggs is a little punkin' head shaker attached to a dowel. He has needle scupted nose, drawn eyes, a puckered mouth and fun little hat.



Early Sewing Doll

Adorably primitive and great for holding small scissors 'n pins! She measures about 9" long. Included is the cross stitch pattern for the little key and heart she wears.


Addie Mae Stump Doll Pattern

Little Addie Mae is a very prim stump doll standing about 8" high. She's rag stuffed, stands nicely all by her little self, has needle sculpted nose and fingers and bendable arms/hands.


Raggedy Ellie and Toby Bear Pattern

 Ellie has a wide-eyed painted face, yarn hair, needle sculpted fingers, adorable dress with loons and lots of little embellishments.  Toby's adorable from faux fur 'n fleece and has string jointed limbs. Ellie is about 12" long and Toby sits at about 6".


Charity & Grace Pattern

Extreme prim duo are about 13" and 11" long. Their fingers, toes and noses are needle sculpted.


Georgia Doll Pattern

Georgia is about 13" long and her pattern includes how to make the bag, head dress, outfit, fire crackers and all embellishments, painting and grubby! She has needle sculpted nose, eyebrows, fingers and her arms and legs bend.


Doll Ornie Pattern

Adorable, versatile and easy to do pattern. Doll ornies are about 8" long. You can paint their clothes on or mix 'n match with fabrics. 


Early Angel Dolls Pattern

So prim and simple, these stick arm ' leg cuties are easy to create. Hanging dolls are approximately 14" long and the sitter will be about 9".


Lila Pattern

This simple little gal is about 10" long. Her arms and legs are olde skeleton keys and she has a little rusty heart on a rusty pin attached to her grubby dress.


Angel Doll Ornies Pattern

These simple little angel dolls are wonderful to hang from a cupboard, prim tree or set in your old wooden bowl or basket. They have simple dresses, four teensy rusty bells sewn to their heads and grubby, needle sculpted wings. They measure about 10" long and their wingspan is about 8 1/2". Great gifts to prim friends, use as ornies, bowl fillers, craft shows, etc. They can be made to fit any season or holiday.


Little Dolls on the Prairie Pattern

These little darlin's measure about 16" long, with instructions on how to make their dresses, bonnets and aprons!


Miz Liberty Pattern

Liberty is a folky make do, about 14" high to the top of her head, and a tad over 17" with her crown on. Her lips are embroidered, eyebrows and nose and fingers needle sculpted, arms are bendable at the elbow, separate eyelids and penciled blue eyes.  She has a full head of brown sheep wool, needle felted into her head.