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Bee Happy Hexi Mat Pattern

This BEE HAPPY pattern has different types of mediums, as well as a little bit of quilting, binding, EPP (English Paper Piecing) and penny rug making!
The pattern of fabric used for this one is "Show Me The Honey", however, use what you have.
Along with the Bee Happy fabric, you can use wool, wool felt or fabric for your backing. This pattern is 9 pages which includes detailed instructions on EPP, binding and quilting. The finished mat measures about 10" from diagonal point to point.

Sam and Libby Pattern

Sam & Libby are all decked out in the red, white & blue!
Sam is a sitter doll and about 13" from top of hat to butt, 13"butt to toes, so overall about 26" long. Liberty (Libby) is about 14" tall, not including her crown.
The pattern includes their outfits, flag and pinwheel.



Summertime Sammy Pattern 

Sammy doesn't mean any disrespect to the 'ol Red, White 'n Blue, however, being an icon of summer, it can still get pretty toasty in long sleeves! So this Uncle Sam is decked out in shorts 'n barefoot.

Sammy is about 14 inches long from his rear end to his hat. He's made to sit and his legs measure down about another 7 inches. His arms and legs are string jointed and movable.
Pattern is for Sam and his outfit.


Americana Angel Ornies Pattern 
These simple primitive angels are sew easy to make! Use them as ornies, bowl fillers or shelf sitters! This pattern shows how to paint them as Americana... or you can finish them however you like! Their wingspan is about 12".


Americana Liberty Ornies Pattern 

Adorably primitive ornies/shelf sitters that are sew easy to make! They measure about 8" wide by 6" high.


                      Americana Bowl Fillers Ornies Pattern 

This pattern is for firecrackers, flags, stars and hats!
Stars are about 6"
Firecrackers about 8" long
Flags about 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"(not counting stick)
 Hats about 3-4" tall


Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam Pattern 

Sam is about 12 1/2" tall and his lady friend is about 11" tall. Great for showing your patriotism all year round!


Americana Pinwheels Pattern 

So fun and easy to make! Use with dolls or all by their little selves. They stand about 12", depending on how long a stick ya use. Can be made of Americana or other fabrics of choice.



Basket, Carrots, Cabbage, Sunflowers Pattern 

Here's a great little pattern for carrots and cabbage in a prim osnaburg basket, and sunflowers that can be ornies or attached to tall stems! The sunflowers have wool needle felted in, but you can finish them however you prefer.

Pattern is for carrots, cabbage, sunflower, and basket